Why This Site Exists

Have you ever wanted  to know what someone is like as a person? Then just  mention the term, “art gallery”  and watch how they respond. I’m am very serious. People always have had strong feelings about any form of art galleries. I have known many people who have  never even visited a gallery think that they’re “fancy,” “hoity toity” and posh exclusive  places where they are just  not welcome.

Contemporary art dealers and gallerists are usually very busy people who are juggling a lot of things all of the time. If it weren’t for the lack of arts education in schools, informing the public of up and coming exhibitions would not be as exhausting. It’s not always on the top of the list of  that are trying to stay afloat. Imagine if you had to smile and repeat the same things over and over and over again to every Tom, Jane and Don  who visits your gallery and no one actually thanks you for the tour you just took them on. But that comes with the territory Im afraid. . the bottom line here is that, I love art galleries and exhibitions weather its a private one or a public one. Hence, the purpose of this site is to bring a little joy to everyone as you discover the exhibitions that are going on around the world, the destinations you could visit and also the incredible high tech security systems that are bring utilised these days. they in themselves are a work of art in a way.