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Visiting the Australian Sports Museum

australia sports museum

The National Sports Museum is known to celebrate the nation’s rich sporting history and there is nothing in the world just like it. It is housed by the Melbourne Cricket Club (MCG) and it is definitely an unmatchable venue.

Throughout the year, the museum offers several things to do in Melbourne. With various kinds of school holiday activities, Australia’s largest collection of sporting memorabilia, and the Game On! interactive gallery, a visitor surely can’t get enough. The National Sports Museum provides an insight into Melbourne and it is one of the city’s premier museums.

The National Sports Museum applauds Australia’s rich sporting history by show off the largest sporting collection the country has ever seen.

The museum highlights interactive zones and world class galleries, state-of-the-art technology, and also displays a 3-D hologram of Shane Warne, reliving some of the best part of his career. In fact, the memorabilia look so real it feels like he’s in the room.

The museum display has different types of various sports: basketball, cricket, racing, football, cycling, soccer, netball, rugby union, rugby league, golf, tennis, and Paralympic Games.

Game On! is an interactive gallery for people of all ages and it is situated inside the National Sports Museum. Visitors can join in on a number of activities which includes cycling, shooting a netball, kicking for goal, archery, reaction testing, and beating the goalie.


The museum features mementos that are kept in art storage from some of Australia’s biggest sports heroes and features moments that have shaped the traditions of Australian sports. The National Sports Museum displays the following:

  •         Australian Football Hall of Fame
  •         Australian Gallery of Sport and Olympic Museum
  •         MCG – The People’s Ground
  •         Sport Australia Hall of Fame
  •         Australian Cricket Hall of Fame
  •         Australian Football Exhibition
  •         Champions – Thoroughbred Racing Gallery
  •         Melbourne Cricket Club Museum
  •         Game On! – an interactive gallery for young and old visitors
  •         Backyard to Baggy Green Exhibition
  •         Olympics through the years – Faster, Higher, Stronger

The museum also has other displays of all the sports that Australians love, like netball, tennis, Paralympic Games, boxing, basketball and famous basketball apparel, soccer, golf, cycling, rugby union, and rugby league.

Visitors always get to experience something new in every visit and temporary exhibitions also provide something extraordinary. Be sure to visit the National Sports Museum inside Gate 3 of “The G”. It offers something for the entire family at a reasonable price.


Inside Gate 3 of the MCG is an exciting new interactive gallery and sports and digital technology are set to collide in the National Sports Museum’s Experience Lab.

Visitors can play, test, and react to seven high-tech new installations including eye-tracking soccer, helmet technology, and virtual tennis. These were specifically designed for visitors and will change the way they see and interact with sports.

The second iteration of the Experience Lab is expected to launch just before the winter school holidays, so grab your basketball hoodies and stay tuned for that!


The Easter holidays are now over and done with. Details of our winter holidays will be released as soon as the date approaches. The school holidays are coming soon and we will be celebrating all things sport at the MCG. Activities will include going into player change rooms with AFLW and AFL footballers, going behind the scenes, and many more bustles as part of the My Match Day at the ‘G experience.


Game On! is a real fan favourite in the museum. With Game On!, visitors can compare cycling speeds, test their goal kicking skills, and see their reaction against elite athletes. The interactive gallery is the perfect place for all ages with sporting activities ranging from netball to archery. Older and younger children can also throw, race, ride, shoot, and run to their heart’s content.


Do you have an event ticket? Take advantage of it by visiting the museum during event mode. During this time, all ticket holders will receive 50% off the admission price. On Sundays, children are admitted free on AFL games 2018!

One the MCG gates open, event mode commences and the museum will close just before the match starts.


If you are planning to go on a trip to the MCG and want to experience the behind the scenes tour or visit the National Sports Museum, then there is a virtual tour offered. This will help you know where to go and what to look for when you arrive. Whether you arrive by car train, tram, bus, or on foot, the team at Gate 3 is looking forward to welcoming you. Plan ahead, take a look around, and decide where you want to go. Check out all that we have to offer, including a café if you want to grab a coffee.

Must See Art Galleries and Museums in Australia

art galleries museums australia

Australia is home to plenty of museums with collections of cultural, scientific, artistic and historic significance, visiting any one of these world-class attractions are an opportunity to broaden your mind and learn about various topics. These following museums and galleries listed can allow you to acquire an understanding of Aboriginal and Australian culture, our marine and military participation and our athletic accomplishments and enjoy other fantastic works of art. Time to get ready to see some super exciting museum displays that will totally blow you away and remember for a lifetime.

Melbourne Museum
Situated at the Carlton Gardens, the Melbourne Museum is the largest museum in the Southern Hemisphere. Find about the very beginnings of life in Victoria then investigate the oceans and natural surroundings at the Science and Life section of the museum. Roam with ancient monsters of the past and connect with the original inhabitants of the land with the spirit Bunjil in the Bunjilaka Aboriginal Cultural Centre. It is an eye-opening assortment of treasures and mysteries, also don’t forget to stop by the IMAX movie theatre which is situated in the complex. This theatre boasts one of the biggest screens in the southern hemisphere and cannot be missed.

National Museum of Australia
There are three main focus areas divided up at National Museum of Australia, which is situated in Canberra. The three areas are Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history and culture, Australian way of life and history since 1788 and the relationship between Australia and its environment. It is a comprehensive collection of objects artworks and historical figures that will delight any audience. If you really want to get to know the Australian history then this is your destination. The emphasis on the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander significance is inspiring and rightful, understanding and paying tribute to the original inhabitants so the land is only respectful and inspirational. Some major highlights of the extensive museum collection are Captain Cook’s tools, celebrated racehorse Phar Lap’s heart and the iconic Arched and Round windows from children’s’ show playschool.

Australian Museum
Opening in 1827, the Australian Museum situated in New South Wales is still standing as a memorial to the Australian narrative. Having an impressive set of items of scientific and cultural meaning, the Australian Museum spreads its collection over three floors.

Scienceworks is an intriguing place for curious minds to discover and play. Scienceworks combines business with technology and science to come up with a fun interactive and family-friendly place. See amazing demonstrations in the Lighting Room, see the stars and constellations and in the PLanetarium with is a huge highlight. There is also a century old Pumping Station to explore as well as a motion discovery centre Spotswood. Scienceworks is a haven for children, there are many interactive and child-friendly exhibits to tickle growing minds.

National Sports Museum
Paying tribute to the Australian Sporting triumphs is the National Sports Museum located at the MCG in Melbourne. The museum also boasts the Sports Australia Hall of Fame, the Australian Cricket Hall of Fae and Soccer Hall of Fame. Stroll past the sporting celebrities and read about the biggest moments in Australian sports. There are over 3000 artifacts and items including Melbourne Cups and Olympic medals to marvel over. In addition, there are interactive holograms and exhibits of Shane Warne and James Hird. For foreigners who do not know much about Australian sports, this museum may not be up your alley however you may walk out a new fan.

With over 200 interactive displays, Questacon: The National Science and Technology Centre strives to inform curious minds about science and engineering. Created in 1988 the museum is set up in eight themes areas and have interactive hands-on exhibition showcases to explore. The themes include ancient animals and nature as well as meteorology to photography and technology, be prepared to expand you’re and explore many concepts at Questacon.

MONA – Museum of both Old and New Art

MONA is located in Hobart Tasmania and attracts much of the state’s tourists. This museum is not for the amateurs, you will see abstract and controversial art that is up for interpretation. Nevertheless a worthy mention on the list for those looking for something out of the ordinary. Whilst you’re in Tasmania visit the Henry Jones Art Hotel which boasts an impressive art collection embedded in luxurious style accommodation, as well as being one of the best destinations for fine dining in Hobart.

Australian War Memorial
Commemorating Australian members of the armed forces who have died in warfare, the Australian War Memorial includes a shrine, museum and a study centre. Founded in 1941, the centre of the memorial is the Hall of Memory that Includes the Tomb of the Unknown Australian Soldier and the Roll of Honour, that includes the names of over 102,000 Australians. The Memorial also hosts touring exhibits and includes an outdoor Sculpture Garden.